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Mortgage insurance may still be deductible as well If you put less than 20% down when buying your home, you most likely have to pay private mortgage insurance, or PMI. The deduction for PMI has

If your health insurance premiums are paid entirely by your employer or the government, you cannot deduct the cost. If you have health insurance through your employer and your share of the premium is deducted from your paycheck pre-tax, you cannot deduct the cost because the premiums were tax-free already.

If you claim rental income on your house, homeowner's insurance is tax deductible on the portion of the property that is rented out. If you own a property that is only used for rental income, all of the homeowner's insurance premiums paid toward that property would be tax deductible. Other Tax Breaks and Deductions for Florida Homeowners

On My Taxes, Can I Write Off My Homeowner's Insurance Premium? There are dozens of common deductions that homeowners can use to offset their living costs. If you're one of the millions of Americans who pays homeowner's insurance premiums, you're probably wondering whether you can deduct them on your annual tax return.

During the year, you made mortgage payments which included $4,480 deductible interest on your new home. The settlement sheet for the purchase of the home included interest of $620 for 29 days in May. The mortgage statement you receive from the lender includes total interest of $5,100 ($4,480 + $620).

If you're self-employed, your health insurance premiums may be tax deductible. If you're self-employed and not eligible for an employer-sponsored health plan through a spouse's job, you may be eligible to write-off your health insurance premiums on your taxes. However, you can't write off more in health insurance premiums than you earned.