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Our black art pieces are suitable for any room of your home or office space. Choose from our diverse assortment that include afrocentric wall art, cozy tapestry throws and . It's easy to place your order at AAE, so start browsing now and find all of the arocentric home décor and wall art you've been looking for.

Strong Ties Giraffe Sculpture. Safari wall decor lends itself well to a variety of rooms, from your dining area to the hallway. Pick out a comforter arrayed in Peruvian-inspired diamonds, or find sheer animal print draperies in natural hues. With safari and African home decor at your disposal, you'll find just the thing to boost your look—whether

Home Decor African Style. We have various items on display in our catalog from at least 6 different countries in Africa. You can select from shadow boxes, masks, statues and figurines in wood & bronze , acrylic and oil paintings, chess games, decorated ostrich egg shells, fertility dolls, and even the djembe more commonly known as the African drum.

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Home decor is a very important part of the interior. It complements the design, makes your room more bright, interesting, lively. Decor elements should always complement each other to create a single composition. As a african home decor catalog, you … Continued